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First European Route 66 Festival in Ofterdingen (Germany)

Cool Springs on Historic Route 66 in Arizona ... between Kingman and Oatman
My first contact with Route 66 was complety unspectacular and didn't even touch me. Then, that's a long time ago, I knew that there existed a road less travelled, as it was bypassed by a four lane highway, which was more effective and a lot faster, that the winding road from East to West with the double six, that actually didn't exist anymore on maps.

Hackberry Store, Arizona
At that time I didn't know anything about the people along the road and the lovely businesses that were restored and brought back the flair of the sixties with its neons and little motels and diners.

This completely changed after we met some of the members of this huge Route 66 Family. No hardship was too heavy, no obstacle too high for those business owners who contributed to the revival and preservation of the Mother Road.

Today Route 66 is the probably best known road worldwide which attracts people from all continents, of all nations and social classes.

Hackberry Store, Arizona
The coming weekend a historical event will take place in Germany, the very FIRST European Route 66 Festival in Ofterdingen. Every second year from now, there should be such a Festival in another European country.

Route 66 Germany set the ball rolling and I think they did a very good job so far, as tourism associations from Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona and Texas are going to present their land along the route. Members of other European Route 66 Associations and artists from Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Tzech Repulic are going to come to the event and of course Germany with the largest German Route 66 Association with about 150 members and still growing. A tiny little part of this event are some of my photos from Route 66, which I'm going to present in a small exhibition.

The location of the event is the Steakhouse 27, on the Tübinger Straße 10 in 72131 Ofterdingen.

Oatman, Arizona
I know most of my English speaking followers are way too far away, to attend the event, so for all of you, who cannot attend the Festival and pay me a short visit there, you've got a chance to win a prize by voting your favorite from all the photos I take with me to the exhibition.

I uploaded the photos into an album one on facebook   and the same photo on another album on Google+ called glm ArtyPix - through my eyes, with my heart - just like the name of my blog.

It works like this:

Click on either the Google+ or the facebook album and select your favorites (at least 5) by numbering them with number 1, number 2, number 3 ... and so on, whereby number 1 is your absolute favorite, your number one so to speak. There is at least one comment required at your number 1.

This voting will start Friday July 15, 2016 and goes until September 30, 2016.

In October all the favorites from facebook and google+ are going to be put together. The winner photo is going to be the one with the most number one's from both platforms.

Of course all this is going to be accompanied by prizes. First of all, everyone who's voting at least his first five favorites and comments his absolute favorite, is going to get a screensaver of his favorite at the end of the voting period (in October) with a special dedication and fitting his monitor size.

But for the first 5 winners interesting prizes are waiting.

The prizes for the first 5 winners will be announced after the Festival in Ofterdingen in my blog glm-ArtyPix and in the respective album.

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